Dutch IMH Conference: 2012

December 13, 2011

Lustrumconference on Integrative Psychiatry announced for 2012!


After having organized four successful conferences Dr Hoenders is proud to present the first lustrum conference on integrative psychiatry. The central theme is ‘Interconnectedness’.

Integrated psychiatry is the integration of complementary and alternative medicine with conventional psychiatry based on (1) scientific evidence for safety and effectiveness, (2) the preference and needs of the patient and (3) the professional expertise of the therapist. The therapeutic relationship is central, the focus is on health and wellbeing, while working in a healing environment from a holistic perspective.

The theme ‘Interconnectedness’ offers a wide range of explanations, for instance the interconnectedness of body and mind or the relationship between specific and non- specific treatment factors. Also connections between social problems as the deterioration of the natural environment, economic crises and terrorism are (macro) examples. During this conference interconnectedness will primarily be addressed from the perspective of mental healthcare.

Rupert Sheldrake will take a biological perspective on interconnectedness in his talk on morphogenetic fields. Andrew Weill, one of the pioneers of integrative medicine, will present his ideas on a new Integrative Model of Mental Health. Both speakers will discuss the relationship between integrative medicine and interconnectedness in their dialogue on stage.

In Buddhist philosophy interconnectedness is strongly related to compassion. Lama Michel Rinpoche will explain this to greater detail. The meaning of compassion for mental healthcare from the perspective of evolution and western psychology is explained by Prof. Dr Paul Gilbert. Following their talk they will further explore compassion in dialogue.

Erik van den Brink and Frits Koster will guide an experiential workshop on compassion designated for those healthcare clients who have completed a mindfulness meditation course. Steve Goldfinger will point out how the loss of realisation of interconnectedness adds to the pollution and deterioration of our eco-system (ecoside). Mind-body techniques which can recuperate the ability to experience interconnectedness after trauma will be demonstrated by Patricia Gerbach and Richard Brown.

Lama Ganchen Rinpoche, Lama Michel Rinpoche, Dr Fukai and Dr Ciren are present to give insight in the Tibetan system in which medicine and spirituality are strongly interconnected. During meditation or other states of altered consciousness many people have experienced a strong feeling of connection or even fusion with something transcendent. This often leads to deep impressions, can sometimes lead to a strong change in personality and or a loss of ego boundaries. Besides personal growth these experiences can cause severe spiritual crisis or even psychopathology. Hans Gerding will share his explanation on how to differentiate.

Karen Wagenaar and Jaap Zoetmulder will add interconnectedness from a systemic perspective in their workshop about emotionally focussed therapy. Other workshops include Martine Busch on complementary interventions for psychiatric nurses, and Richard Bruggeman, Karen Meijer en Caroline ten Brink about conventional and complementary interventions for schizophrenia. Martin Appelo will supervise a session on scientific research in mental healthcare, showing the importance of interconnectedness.

They are looking forward to welcome you on friday the 20th of April 2012 in The Netherlands!

Registration for the fifth conference Integrative Psychiatry is open from december 1st 2011. Online registration in another language than Dutch is not available due to the limited number of expected foreign guests. If you would like to attend the conference please send an email to: webmaster@congresintegralepsychiatrie.nl You will then receive a enrolment questionaire to complete and return by email.

The organizing committee

Rogier Hoenders, psychiatrist, chair
Martin Appelo, psychologist
Elkana Waarsenburg, family doctor
Bregje Hartogs, clinical psychologist
Karen van der Ploeg, psychologist
Erik van den Brink, psychiatrist