Our Mission

Our mission is to:

  • Advance a global vision for an integrated whole person approach to mental health care via education, research, networking and advocacy, by bringing together the wisdom of world healing traditions and modern science.
  • Re-animate the mental health field with energy, spirit, compassion and joy. We are committed to serving the worthy goal of working towards the cessation of human suffering.
  • Create community and opportunities for nurturing personal and professional connections. We honor and respect the unique backgrounds and skills that each person brings to this work, and wish to promote meaningful relationships and connection to a global integrative mental health network.
  • Promote evidence-based CAM therapies and the judicious use of modern pharmacotherapies for the betterment of mental healthcare.
  • Contribute to the emerging bio-psycho-socio-spiritual paradigm addressing mind, body, and spirit by promoting effective and safe clinical practices. We acknowledge the fundamental importance of an ecological perspective and believe that environmental and transpersonal factors have profound effects on wellbeing and healing.
  • Educate, support and inspire integrative practitioners and trainees, at all levels of their careers and in all world regions. Our philosophy is based upon blending the best practices from traditional and modern healing systems. Our focus is on safety and positive outcomes while honoring our patients’ unique needs, beliefs, wisdom, and advocacy for therapeutic choices and relationships with practitioners that empower them.
  • Facilitate collaborative efforts between researchers and clinicians that extend beyond limited conventional understandings of mental healthcare as it pertains to care of individuals with psychological or psychiatric disorders, to a broader perspective that includes the range of psychosocial, cultural and spiritual factors that impact on health, well-being, immune functioning, and physiological integrity.