Online Directory

Name: Christopher Johannes
Address: Ebisu-cho 113 - 501, Shimogyo-ku
Kyoto, -- 600-8302
Phone: 8057191967
Degree: M.A., M.Ed., Ph.D. [Honoris Causa D.Sc., Ph.D]
Affiliations: Integral Institute/Integral Life Scientific and Medical Network British Psychological Society Dr. Sears Wellness Institute American Counseling Association American Polarity Therapy Association Alliance of Registered Homeopaths
Certifications: Homeopathy (D.Hom., D.I.Hom., D.H.M., MARH, HD R.Hom.); Health Coach (Dr. Sears Wellness Institute); Board Certified Polarity Therapist; SQ21 Coach (Spiritual Intelligence); Reiki (2); EMDR II; M-NLP; TFT Dx (Thought Field Therapy); Aromatherapy; Mediation; Personal Trainer
Interests: Mindfulness Based Interventions; Integrative Health and Wellness Coaching; Integrative Behavioral Health/Medicine practice, research, and development; Higher Education and Training
Practice Description: Currently not in practice