Chair’s Column December 2011

Announcing Our New Video Library on Integrative Mental health

The INIMH video library is underway and new developments to the page are to be launched in the New Year! The video library is an exciting step forward for INIMH as it paves the way for the use of more interactive and media based tools. The videos aim to deliver educational information about integrated mental health (IMH) in a clear, concise and fun way, making INIMH more accessible to members and the wider public.

The video library will exhibit short clips of IMH practitioners and advocates explaining IMH practices, exploring treatments, and providing viewers with the latest scoop on IMH research.

Members are able to log-on and view the educational footage via the INIMH website by clicking “Resources” then “Videos and other Media”. In the future, YouTube videos will be linked to the INIMH site to encourage wider viewing potential and increase site traffic.

Currently the INIMH video page houses two videos. The first is exhibited on the front page of the INIMH web site with Dr Jerome Sarris giving a brief introduction to INIMH. The second is an instructional video for Melbourne University’s Naturopathic Medicine for Improved Mood and reduced Anxiety Study, a study which aims to measure the effectiveness of naturopathic treatments on mental illness. This instructional video has been viewed by naturopaths across Australia and hence has sparked an interest about INIMH in the Australian Complementary Health community.

Exciting new additions to the library will be launched early in 2012. Experienced Producer and Documentary film maker Susan Smiley has kindly donated footage from her latest documentary Mind Healing: the practice of integrated mental health care (in production), starring our very own Dr James Lake and Dr Jingduan Yang. Excerpts from the documentary will be uploaded in the New Year along with some educational clips from our in-house experts Dr Hyla Cass, Dr Jerome Sarris and Dr Rogier Hoenders…… so stay tuned.

Any visual donations to the video library are most welcome. Please Contact Stephanie Gadsden at