Chair’s Column July 2011

Last April, just a few months before launching our website and inviting clinicians and researchers to join us in our efforts to transform mental health care, the board of directors of INIMH convened our first annual strategic planning retreat. Held in Tucson, Arizona, the 4 day meeting was made possible through the generous underwriting of Sierra Tucson, a unique residential program that has long been a pioneer and advocate of integrative mental health care. Our primary objectives included:
Reviewing on-going initiatives in integrative mental health and exploring opportunities for collaboration
Broadening our network of thought leaders and change agents in integrative mental health
Learning about integrative mental health practices being used at Sierra Tucson and providing feedback aimed at optimizing outcomes
Developing concepts for a model fellowship training programs on integrative mental health care
Introducing and demonstrating our new website
Developing strategies for broadening international representation within INIMH

In addition to the above goals working groups were created corresponding to four strategic areas:
Integrative mental health as its own discipline
Creating curricula and training projects in integrative mental health
Developing an agenda for integrative mental health research priorities
Developing model best practice clinical guidelines in integrative mental health care
The working groups will collaborate to develop and publish a series of scholarly documents—white papers—that will provide a framework for an informed dialog on future public and private policy initiatives in integrative mental health care.

James Lake M.D., Chair